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    This is so accurate. At school, we literally have children who will watch our facial expressions to see if them falling is as bad as they think it might be.


    • do not react. at the most, maybe wince and go “ooooh”
    • go over to the child to assess panic level and severity of injury
    • if they’re like, dying, remain calm, but they’re probably not.
    • look them in the eye and ask, “you okay?” they will nod. possibly all teary-eyed. then ask, “are we gonna need to cut it off?”
    • the child is thrown off. if they giggle, you’re in the money. if they do not, put a bandaid on and do some sympathetic patting. they are probably a little teary. let the sad little bug sit out for a minute. they will quickly get bored.
    • works every time

    "sad little bug" is the cutest and most accurate term ive heard used to describe a child because sometimes bugs are kinda super cute sometimes bugs are really fucking annoying and sometimes bugs are downright TERRIFYING

    This is all great buuuut

    "Are we gunna need to cut it off"

    Unless this kid is yours with experiences you’re totally aware of maybe don’t say that. When I lost my leg my sisters were little and very traumatized. They were very aware that minor injuries if untreated could lead to amputation and were afraid so I think saying something like this to a kid like that could really escalate and confuse them.

    I also have never been a fan of the “do you need to go to the doctor/hospital?” When a parent thinks a kid is over reacting about an injury. I know they’re trying to give them a little perspective but kids need to know a doctor is a safe place to go of they’re hurt not a punishment for reacting in a way an adult finds annoying or over dramatic. Sure a scraped knee may seem like no big deal to you but if a kid wants some snuggles and a bandaid because they feel hurt then I do think that’s okay. They are new to the world, and think how much adults whine over papercuts, headaches, and being tired.

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  3. Been living in these, they are so comfy and kind of remind me of sherbet!!!

  4. Why I never use my stroller and other disabled mama hacks:

    When I was 7 months pregnant I dreaded my commute. I lugged my heavy body and I’ll fitting prosthetics onto the subway everyday and up the four flights of stairs out of the subway and into times square. One day I saw a friendly guy that got on a few stops after me using a wheel chair. I only took note of him because of his really cool captain america backpack honestly. He got off at times square with me and we were walking in the same direction when he realized the elevator was out of order. Now he was screwed because I knew there was no other elevator on the platform so I had to advise this poor guy to wait for another train and take it to 34th street and wheel himself back up. Now he was late for a meeting.

    That stuck with me and I kept trying to imagine how I was going to manage with a baby. Take her out of a stroller with her in one hand and her diaper bag and the stroller in the other and up the stairs I go? What about days I’m struggling with mobility? What if I need to use the railing? What if i were carrying groceries? With it made clear that elevators were not reliable, I needed a plan.

    For me, and my mobility issues, the baby Bjorn crotch dangling carrier did not work. It has a very specific center of gravity and that didn’t work for me at all. However, the Moby baby wrap has been a lifesaver so far. Not only does Margot love being tucked in there and so close to my heart beat, I feel amazing wearing her. I could still use a cane or railings while wearing her this way if I needed assistance and the weight distribution can be adjusted to my needs that day. I have also used the ring sling, which I liked a lot but didn’t feel was as sturdy. It was good for housework and days I had someone (I.e. my husband) with me but I don’t know how I would feel having her in the sling if I were out and about solo.

    Now we do have a stroller. We have a silver uppa baby vista that weighs about 25 pounds. It is easy to use in a scenerio where I have access to a car and I am not in a crowded area. Pretty much that means I only use her stroller when I am in the suburbs visiting my mom. It is good for trips to target or walking around their neighborhood. The stroller does act as a cane helping with weight distribution but even walking my dogs in my area, where I know I won’t be facing stairs or crowds, I prefer using her wrap or sling.

    Again if there are ANY disabled mamas on the internet that wanna chat and exchange tricks of the trade I am open to it. Don’t feel like you are shouting into the void

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    This is my wonderful beautiful angel of a friend Emily. Two years ago she had a terrible accident that placed her in a wheelchair. There is hope for her to walk again, but the financial burden has become too heavy for her (she is 22) to bear. Please help us get this sweet girl back on her feet. Every dollar counts and please share as much as possible too. Love and thanks to you all




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    Qian Hongyan was just four when she lost both her legs. A speeding trucker left her for dead as she crossed the main road in her village of Zhuangshang in southern China. 

    For nearly two years Qian was immobile as she didn’t even have enough of her body left to sit up in a wheelchair. Doctors said her only hope of being able to move by herself again would be extensive surgery to allow her to be fitted with prosthetic limbs.Her parents couldn’t afford this treatment. 

    Qian’s granddad Yuan came up with a simple but effective treatment to get her moving again. He took a basketball the village boys had discarded and cut a hole just big enough for tiny Qian to fit into, padded the inside with stiff floor mats from his car, then propped her up inside. All of a sudden Qian was able to stabilize herself and was able to by move herself by rolling the ball in any direction she wanted. She supported herself using wooden handles. 

    From that day on Qian would not be stopped by any obstacle. She went back to school, started to play with her friends again, and started to get back the life of any girl her age. She began professional swimming training in 2007 and defied the odds of her double amputation to become one of the first members of the Yunnan Youth Swimming Club.

    She won three gold medals in last year’s Yunnan Para Games and took a gold and two silver medals at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled (Under 18) in 2009 before continuing impressively at this year’s Para Games.


    I should have added this in the original post but after attention in the Chinese press, Qian traveled to Beijing to receive free artificial limbs at the China Rehabilitation Research Center, a center that has been providing help to the disabled in China for over 20 years. At 18 years old she is ready for her full adult prosthetics. 

    This is so important.

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    So. I had no idea about this app until I went into my doctor and he told me about it. 


    This app allows you to input the prescription you have, select your dose, and then find a place near you (or your own pharmacy) with the cheapest price. Then you click “get code/coupon/discount card,” show that to the pharmacist, and THERE YOU GO. SAVING YOU SOME CASH TO GET YOURSELF A WELL DESERVED DRINK, CANDY BAR, DATE MONEY, SEX TOY CASH, OR GO BUY YOURSELF A HAMSTER AND NAME HIM STARLORD WITH THE EXTRA MONEY

    No, but in all seriousness. This app is saving my ass right now. 

    I’m Trans* and have Fibromyalgia, and this is really making a difference already. I hope this helps out other people. We all know it fucking sucks to have to pay this much for the medication we need to function in life. 

    this really helped me out when i didn’t have insurance. like, being able to spend only $8 on meds that normally would’ve cost me $100+ is incredible.

    Very important

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    Putting on pants without using hands

    what did i just..

    this was more beautiful than i could ever imagine

    my morning routine

    my daily exercise, done

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    it’s pretty common for people discussing rape culture within feminist discourse to conveniently leave out disabled girls, but this is just a casual reminder that disabled women are far more likely to be sexually assaulted, abused or raped than able-bodied women. on top of that, 50% of deaf girls and 54% of deaf boys have been sexually abused or assaulted. so please stop leaving us out of your discussion about rape culture.

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    Chronic illness has this way of taking away your ability to earn money while simultaneously costing you a whole lot more money. Lovely.

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    my biggest fear is falling and dying in the shower and my family finding me naked

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  13. Anonymous said: Congrats about the birth of your baby! Did being an amputee effect the birthing process? Did you wear your prosthetic?

    Thank you!!! I did wear my leg because my labor and delivery were so much faster than I ever expected. Also, my midwife thought that the leverage would be helpful when it came to pushing which I agree it was I don’t know what it would have been like without it. Lastly, really I had a magical easy birth- I broke my water forty minutes before her delivery and there was only twelve minutes of pushing and it was only two big pushes and she was out.

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    How we show up to events…

    Please tell me this Is a bunch of hot ass disabled gals in hot ass cars pulling up to the park…

    I know its not but a girl can dream right?

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    I want to see fat women portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see trans women portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see women of color portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see women with disabilities portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    It shouldn’t be considered a favor to be found attractive, & it sure as hell isnt a compliment to be fetishized. I want more fucking media that acknowledges that. fuck.

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