1. sanderlust:

    my biggest fear is falling and dying in the shower and my family finding me naked

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  2. Anonymous said: Congrats about the birth of your baby! Did being an amputee effect the birthing process? Did you wear your prosthetic?

    Thank you!!! I did wear my leg because my labor and delivery were so much faster than I ever expected. Also, my midwife thought that the leverage would be helpful when it came to pushing which I agree it was I don’t know what it would have been like without it. Lastly, really I had a magical easy birth- I broke my water forty minutes before her delivery and there was only twelve minutes of pushing and it was only two big pushes and she was out.

  3. stayactiv:

    How we show up to events…

    Please tell me this Is a bunch of hot ass disabled gals in hot ass cars pulling up to the park…

    I know its not but a girl can dream right?

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  4. pluralfloral:

    I want to see fat women portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see trans women portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see women of color portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    I want to see women with disabilities portrayed as desirable & sexually autonomous

    It shouldn’t be considered a favor to be found attractive, & it sure as hell isnt a compliment to be fetishized. I want more fucking media that acknowledges that. fuck.

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  5. unyq-design:

    Phoenix by Alex Minsky

    The Phoenix was custom designed and inspired by Alex Minsky. What people don’t get about the story of the phoenix is that the mythological bird’s transformation isn’t some picnic. Our flying friend spends ages building a nest before lying inside and burning up. Only after that work does he fly again, a bigger badass than ever. Renewal takes sweat, grit, and pain. If it didn’t, the mighty phoenix would just be some pigeon.


  6. Disabled Woman vs. Dating Site Trolls - Daily Beast


    Disabled Woman vs. Dating Site Trolls
    Daily Beast
    Uploading photos to online dating websites causes everybody some level of anxiety, but what if—rather than worrying about how your hair looks in that picture—you worried about how your residual limb looks? For the 20 percent of Americans who have …

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  7. Anonymous said: If your prosthetic broke at work what did you do? How did you get home or do anything at work?


    I luckily have a great roommate who had a day off, so he brought my crutches to work and took my broken leg home for me. It is nice having people you can count on when you need it.

    This happened to me once. Mortifying but I too luckily had someone who could bring me crutches and care for me


  8. Question for my fellow amputees: Do you still experience phantom pain? What do you do about it? How do you get it to lessen?


    I’m always curious about different peoples techniques. What are yours?

    Wrap it up! At first its a million times worse but then it kind of fades out.

    Also I am a huge fan of soaking my limb in salt waters or finding distractions


    1. doctor: you need this thing
    2. insurance: no you don't

  10. Sometimes I wish I had two feet so I could tangle mine with my husbands and take those cute feet pictures and then add the babe and take hers too. But then I remember how nice and cozy it is to wrap my limb in his lap and know secretly how few people know that joy and its all okay. Its almost like I’m at the advantage


  11. pitchgrey:

    I have a job interview today, and I decided that for my own mental health, I need to work a max of 4 days a week. How should I ask for this? What should I say? After a little googling, I found these two articles. The first is from a Canadian organization, but most of it is sourced from this


  13. Anonymous said: Would you give up getting your updated prosthetic leg in 18years if it meant the difference for getting your child through college financially?

    This seems like an unfair question but here’s the thing…

    Would any mom give up luxuries to help see her child through higher education if that’s something they want? The simple answer is yes.

    But it depends how desperately I needed an update on something, as I doubt that would be the first thing to go. Obviously we would move things around to help said child pursue their dreams. Maybe my husband and I wouldn’t take vacations that year or maybe our own creative pursuits may have less budget. I’m just not sure how much not maintaining my prosthetics, potentially disabling myself further would help since its hard to financially see that far in the future and its also pretty morbid to think about.

  14. kickstarter:

    Project of the DayWheely, an accessibility app that’s designed to be a guide for wheelchair users to best navigate New York City. 

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