1. suicideblonde:

    KISS HIM!!

    Story of my life

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  2. jihoa:

    Cursum | Baby Stroller by Sjöblom

    'Believe it or not, there are still large portions of the population that are surprised that people with disabilities have babies. They may even be surprised that wheelchair users who have babies want to go on walks or run errands with their babies with them.'

    A design made in conversation with wheelchair users, really intuitive. The stroller can be lifted over curbs and stand alone when needed.

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  3. southern-feminism:

    Inclusive children go far.

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  4. featherlithe:

    i love him!

    I know I am a married woman but. . .

    Can we talk about how handsome this man is?!?!

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  5. P!ease note these women are peers. I am so proud of Lupita and Jennifer likely is too

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  6. death-of-a-mediocre-poet:

    Can people fuck off about slow walkers?

    Some people walk slowly due to pain due to disabilities, dyspraxia, have bad motor skills, or they just enjoy walking slowly. 

    Seriously, fuck off. I’m so tired of seeing ableist trash like this on my dash.

    Also, can we not shove people down the stairs on subways. I get it the train is coming but there will be another in five minutes. I must say I mostly see men that have this need to run down stairs even if the person ahead of them is obviously struggling they just shove past not caring if they knock said struggler off balance fuck that

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    I’m sorry that you had to see this pictures, but have you ever heard about the Surabaya Zoo? It’s the biggest zoo in Indonesia and it is, basically, a place for animals to die in the most horrible ways. They don’t have vets, they hardly ever clean the place, staff sells animal’s food, some of them are in really small cages…

    You see the giraffe on the picture? It ate 20kg of plastic bags cause it was starving and all there was to eat was garbage. About 25 animals die per month.

    The government doesn’t care about the zoo and ONGs have problems to release the animals cause most of them are not in healthy conditions to just go back to their true homes.

    SIGN THE PETITION TO SHUT DOWN SURABAYA ZOO! Help to make a change. Reblog it. Post it on all your social medias. Invite your friends to join. Tell everyone you know about it.


    holy jesus fuck, this zoo is STILL open??? its been months since i’ve seen petitions going around for this. shits fucked. 

    Signed! This is horrible. Please even if you’re going to sign it later, reblog it now!!!!!

    Animals do not exist for our entertainment, they are living beings with the rights to freedom, this is slavery, please sign

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  8. I’m just a tree

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  9. princesspunxxx:

    what does it mean to fight misogyny & femmephobia as a person with disabilities when the party line is “femme/femininity isn’t frail/weak” but yr body sometimes is?  are fragility & weakness so inherently bad that they need to be recast & reclaimed as strengths instead of being recognized as an inevitable part of being alive/our experiences?  do i always have to be strong/what are we investing in strength/why are we investing so much in strength?  

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  10. callipygianology:

     I’ve  never seen these all together, so I thought I’d put them in a photoset. Made by the fantastic Kendra Wells on the Toast.

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  11. Anonymous asked: Is your boyfriend a devotee or amputee admirer?

    he admires me, and the way I’m built and who I am. None of his previous partners were disabled, and he admired them and the way they were built. 


  12. Anonymous asked: What does your boyfriend think about your leg?

    My boyfriend loves my legs*


  13. Anonymous asked: That's doesn't even make sense! Like I can't walk in heels with the two feet I was born with, much less trying to walk with a prosthesis. *I'm of course not saying it impossible)* But why would someone have anything amputated that didn't NEED the procedure? Ugh, people are ignores and I'm sorry you have to put up with them. You're amazing, keep it up!

    You’re super sweet, thanks! Heels are just practice but even I take a spill or two in them sometimes!

  14. petitsirena:

    I’ve had a super stressful day that’s resulted in wayyy more pain than I woke up with, so clearly going to Target for cheap eyeshadow and selfies was in order.

    It took way too many pictures to get a clear one because my hands are so shaky today, but here it is!

    Bad ass bitches in purple hair

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  15. Unacceptable shit. I’m so frustrated with girls of races feeling not good enough. Of punk ass boys making girls of different races and abilities and sizes feel not sexy and even not human.

    This blog isn’t just amputee girl problems, its human girl problems. And this is a big one.